Founding Team

2GLOB is the result of a meeting of minds between its 2 enthusiastic founders, whom, together constitute a team of trusted advisors with a global network of contacts and over 30 years of combined hands-on experience around the globe in the natural resources and tech sectors, as much on the scientific as on the legal, financing, government relations and business development aspects. Their jurisdictions of expertise among the emerging markets include South America, Central Africa, Sub-Saharan and West-Africa, MENA, CIS as well as Central and East Asia.

The 2GLOB team knows how to navigate in challenging jurisdictions and bring together the right players from diverse backgrounds and cultures, thus converting a first handshake into a significant international joint venture.

Alireza Gharagozlou

Founder & CEO

Alireza’s passion is converting uncertainty in challenging markets into a manageable business environment for his partners and clients. This has been the core of his business over the years, as he has helped deliver solutions in South America, MENA, Central Africa and CIS countries. With both a scientific (geology) and business background (PhD in management) Alireza’s experience has been focused on international business development and matching since 2003.

He has made over 100 International business travels to all five continents and implemented sizeable international projects mainly in the natural resources sector, thus making him an avid deal maker able to lead and navigate in a multicultural business environment.

Alireza’s expertise is in delivering results by bringing to fruition the most challenging of projects. As an international business development leader for a service provider in the mining industry, he led projects in various jurisdictions, including Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Chili and Bolivia. His tasks were focused on marketing a wide range of services from geochemical and geological mapping to lab equipment also dealing with prospects project for structuring deals. Working in several markets with diverse cultures, different methods of negotiation, complex regulation and tariff systems, lack of systematic networking platforms, complex finance concerns, and currency issues has allowed Alireza to perfect his business and relationship skills in the most challenging of circumstances and environments.

In addition to South America, he also has great deal-making practice in the CIS, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and various African countries. As a result, he was appointed as a delegate to the Mining Committee of the Economic Cooperation Organization, a Eurasian intergovernmental organization, and as a board member of International Cooperative Asia Pacific.

On his free time, Alireza enjoys seasonal outdoor sports as well as reading and listening to works on psychology and philosophy of life through the Jungian approach.

Ali Amadee

Board Member & Head of Legal

Ali is a corporate lawyer licensed in Quebec and New York and a partner at Dentons, the largest law firm in the world with a presence in more than 75 countries, where he leads the firm’s Quebec China Desk. Ali’s practice focuses on venture tech, corporate law, cross-border M&A, project finance, infrastructure and government relations.  Ali acts as a legal, business and strategic advisor to his Canadian and international clients and regularly advises them in their international expansion projects around the globe, with a focus on emerging markets.

“Going global” is part of Ali’s DNA, as he has lived, worked and attended university on 3 different continents. He has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Montreal and a Master of Laws from McGill University. In 2008, Ali received the Québec-China Full Scholarship, awarded jointly by the governments of Quebec and China. This scholarship provided him with the opportunity to live in China, study Mandarin and obtain a Maters in International Economic Law at China’s Wuhan University. He is fluent in English, French and Persian and conversant in Mandarin.

With a passion for international relations and business as well as geopolitics of the developing world, Ali has been involved, over the years, as a director and officer of various business organizations and has been called upon by various Canadian media outlets, including the CBC, to comment on political and legal developments in the MENA region. He has also delivered various conferences on Canada-China and Canada-MENA business relations and legal matters.

On his free time, Ali enjoys watching movies, reading and riding “café racer” motorcycles.